An Interesting Query for Google Maps App, ibp=gwp;0,7

Couple weeks ago, my friend sent us a message in our chat group. It was a link to indicate a restaurant that we are going to have dinner days after.

And here is the link,;0,7&kgs=c51d9d8d742e15e9&shndl=-1&source=sh/x/kp/local
If you tap the link above on your laptop's browsers, you will get this,
Google's 404 page
Yep, it's a Google's 404 (Page Not Found) page.

But my friend insisted that he can see the page without any issues.

So, I turned on the developer console of Chrome and toggle the device toolbar to switch the devices.
BINGO! The same link, the same page shows up correctly!


I had some quick research by changing the User-Agent and found out the special query parameter,
And there are two different themes I found by using ibp=gwp;0,6 and ibp=gwp;0,7


Done. A short and boring post has been made.